Flogged & Fucked Into Submission

Bent over with his arms back this isn’t the most comfortable position for a twink like Johnny to be in, but then if boys like Alexis cared about the comfort of their captives they wouldn’t be using them to get off the way they do! The boy is here for his entertainment, and ours, and we’re definitely entertained by what Alexis does with him in this 4K video! His smooth little arse might start out pale and peachy, but with the flogger slapping against him it’s soon red and sore. A little licking between those cheeks and Alexis is ready to slide his throbbing cock into the boy, fucking him hard. That’s only the first round, there’s a whole lot more flogging and fucking to come before he’s finally done with the lad, with Johnny crying out all the way through and finishing with Alexis squirting his hot cum over the used twink!

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Alexis Tivoli, Johnny Polak