Flexible Alex Meets The Master Part 2

We’ve just seen teen boy Alex being wanked and emptied of a cum load at the hands of Master Sebastian, but he’s not done yet. Freed from most of his binding the boy is led to a little stool where he finds himself doubled up for another chapter of 1080p play, his knees behind his shoulders and his hands roped into place! It’s incredible to see the boy bent like a pretzel, his smooth hole right there for fucking, but Master is more interested in how much dildo this little teen hole can take. It turns out this boy’s arse is spacious and greedy when it comes to taking toys up him. He gets some more wanking and it looks like he might almost be ready to have another load pumped out, but Master has other things to try on the twink in part three!

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Alex Faux