Erik Rhodes and Trent Bloom Part 2

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Erik Rhodes, Trent Bloom

Erik Rhodes is someone to fear and revere, and Trent Bloom isquaking in his boots. As far as Trent’s concerned, he’s in for a noholds-barred, no-limits fist fight. He’s got an asshole begging to besavaged and after Erik delivers a few closed-hand jabs inside, Trentsurrenders; his hole loosens up. Erik punches his massive fists intothe pliable socket with little resistance, watching the fleshy crackstretch wide to satisfy every thrust. The big stud manipulates Trent’scrimson crater to pop out, watching it bloom and reveal its hugebloom. He laps at the cherry-red tissue, giving Trent temporaryrespite. Then with Trent folded up, Erik buries his fist deep inside hisasshole, trekking so far inside he reaches his stomach. He grinsseeing his hand punch Trent’s belly from the inside. The veins inTrent’s forehead are popping, but he’s not complaining. And onlywhen he blows his wad and his asshole retracts does this wickedbowel boxing match come to its end.