Erik Rhodes and Trent Bloom Part 1

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Erik Rhodes, Trent Bloom

Erik Rhodes is a beast — an animal down on his haunches, down onhis knees just oozing sexuality. His muscled frame, those thunderousthighs and that ass so round and tempting even he can’t leave italone. This beast can get piggy too, and Trent Bloom sneaks in,anxious to get a piece of the action and quickly gets to work. Heburies his snout between Erik’s huge mounds and starts to rootaround. Then, he coats his hands with lube and pokes a fingertip,then another, and then another one inside Erik’s hot hole. The beasttakes it well and Trent pushes further, easily getting four fingersinside, all the way up to the knuckles, and then shoves in his entireclenched mitt. Trent punchfucks Erik’s hole repeatedly, his fist jabbingin and out pummeling Erik’s cave. Every blow relaxes and numbs thesphincter that it soon turns inside out, exposing Erik’s huge rosebud.The big man coos and moans, jacking himself off excitedly until hiscum seeps out of his piss-slit — a yummy reward for Trent to suck up.