Erik Rhodes and Colin Black

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Erik Rhodes, Colin Black

Erik Rhodes sizes Colin Black up and his macho confidence isenough to make his targeted prey submit his ass for an onslaught. Erik rims Colin’s asshole then teases it with strokes and pokes. After lubing his hands up, he jams a finger, then more fingers, then his entire fist inside. Erik’s huge hand goes farther in as he reaches for Colin’s colon, and then he slams a big black dildo inside. Colin’sasshole is stretched wide but tightens up when Erik starts fucking him. The roles quickly reverse, and Erik’s beautiful man-ass is put on the line. Bent over and down on all fours, Erik takes a two-handed fisting that makes him grimace and grin. Colin delivers punch after punch, twisting and churning his arm inside to deliver total pleasure. All that intense friction relaxes Erik’s sphincter so much that it inverts to reveal its full blossom. Colin finishes up by fucking Erik’s ravaged hole fast and furious until he finally blows his load.