Educating The Straight Boy – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Harry Mason

Straight boy Harry has experienced so much, from spanking to hole play, now it’s time for Master Kane to give the boy one final lesson in pain and pleasure before he makes the boy gush his cum. Strapped up to the pallets on the wall the boy is explored, his hooded cock persistently stiff and damp. Master explores and takes more photos and videos, wanking the lad’s dick. The blindfold over the boy’s eyes makes it all so much more intense, with pinching clothespins delivering jolts and aches to his most tender spots. His balls are tight and covered in the pinching pegs while Master lubes him up and rubs his rigid tool, edging the boy in ways he’s never experienced before. It’s a relief when the pegs are finally removed, but the pain persists to compete with the pleasure while he’s freed and instructed to make himself gush his warm seed. Watch as his cum pours from his cock in an amazing release, raining down over us! It’s fair to say the boy got a very extensive lesson, but no doubt Master Kane has more planned for this straight student.