Educating The Straight Boy – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Harry Mason

Master Kane is having so much fun with straight student boy Harry. The young man has already experienced a hard spanking and a little hole licking, but Master has plenty more planned for him. With his naked arse up and his cock and balls hanging below Harry experiences the pleasure of anal play for the first time. Master fingers his tender pucker, making the boy fuck himself on his digits until he brings out the big black dildo. He knows to take his time with this super tight little hole, but patience pays off. Harry slides down on the big toy, his own intact dick thickening again. Obediently he allows Master to play and explore while his hole twitches around the invading fake cock. It’s an experience he’s never had before, but his penis seems to enjoy it. Just how much will this boy cum when Master finally lets him? Watch part 3!