Educating The Straight Boy – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Harry Mason

Master Kane loves teaching new boys, but he can’t believe his luck on this occasion. His student is a super fit straight boy who needs a lot of tutelage. It’s a good thing Master Kane has all the tools and skills to make him a submissive boy. Dressed up in his school uniform the boy receives a hard spanking, his arse soon glowing red when it’s revealed. Master makes sure to get some humiliating photos of his new boy, ready to share them with all the other teachers who are going to be so jealous. Master explores his new student, playing with his swelling intact cock and tugging on his plump balls. The straight boy can’t help but get hard while he’s groped and played with, especially when Master puts him on the mattress with his arse up, spitting in his virgin hole and licking him out! It’s just the start of this student’s lessons, so make sure you stick around to see whether young Harry gets a passing grade. Perhaps he’ll end up in detention for a week for a more thorough education?