Educating A Fit New Boy – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Daniel Hausser

Master Kane surprised sexy new twink Daniel (and us) in part one, spinning the wall the boy was secured to and ripping the pegs from his body. You can probably guess that he has more planned for the young lad in part two. It seems that David’s cock is just too tasty to give up sucking, so Master gives it some more slurps while he spins the blindfolded boy on the scaffold. You can only imagine how disorientating that might be, but things are soon getting more interesting as Master ties up the boy’s scrotum with tight cord, focusing on his bulging ball sack with a can and then a deliciously spiky pin wheel! The boy can’t see what’s happening, but he can certainly feel it as Master spanks his sensitive nuts and uses a wooden paddle to beat his nads and cock head, making inexperienced David cry out and painful surprise. The continued sucking offers a little consolation as his prick oozes precum, but as the boy is spun a little more and finally released from his rope prison he clearly knows it’s not over yet. He’s already been though so much, but will he finally be allowed to cum in part three?