Educating A Fit New Boy – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Daniel Hausser

Daniel is a cute boy from California, just visiting for a little while but eager to explore after one kinky encounter with a Grindr hookup whet his appetite. The slim and fit young man is soon being checked out by Master Kane, his shirt off revealing a sporty build. Once naked his long uncut cock is ready to be played with, but not before Master has secured the twink with painful ropes and placed a blindfold over the boy’s blue eyes. Tightly bound and roped up to the scaffold Master can get to work, using pegs to pinch the boy’s flesh and sucking the new arrival’s delicious cock. There’s an interesting twist once Master has made the boy assist in with some extra cord, preparing to rip the pegs from his body. Watch as Master Kane turns the scaffold, tugging the pegs from the boy’s body! Master has clearly been hard at work coming up with devious new ways to torment his boys, but this is certainly a surprise. It’s quite appropriate that this new toy would be used on such a special guest, but things aren’t over for sexy Daniel yet. Stick around for parts two and three!