Dungeon Twinks Blast Big Loads


Studio: Young Bastards
Actors: Dimitri Vega, Chase Wolf

Chase Wolf should have known his friend Dimitri Vega would take advantage when they discover some sexy restraints in the dungeon. Things start out playful enough, his hands cuffed and a collar around his neck, but Dimitri soon reveals his true dominant side when the boy is stripped down to his underwear and chained to the cross, as vulnerable as can be. His pert little twink ass takes some painful spanking, making the boy cry out in anguish, but it’s the feel of his friend’s big raw cock cramming into his tight little pucker that really shows him what a submissive little bitch he is. Fucked hard from behind and released to suck on the juicy tool that’s just been inside him he shows he’s greedy for it, easily turned by the feel of such a meaty cock inside him. It’s a good thing he’s come around to it, he’s quickly on his back and getting a last powerful fucking from his slim friend, a cum shot splashed out over him and his own dick drained of thick cream.