Backstage Fan Fisting Part 3

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Drew Dixon, Devin Franco

Drew Dixon is Devin Franco’s ‘biggest fan’ goes as far as hiding in his dressing room after a show to sniff Devin’s used underwear. When Devin comes in after his performance and catches his fan in the act, Drew startles him and gets him cornered. To get Drew to leave, Drew wants Devin to fist him. Devin will do anything to get the fiend out of the room and bends his stalker over to give him what he wants. Devin starts by taking a taste of Drew’s ass and gets in deep with his tongue. It tastes amazing, and Devin starts getting into the action more than he thought he would. After getting Drew nice and opened up, Devin fingers the eager stud and takes a quick taste of his dick before he flips Drew in half and shoves his fist deep into Drew’s gaping hole. It slides in easily and Drew can hardly contain his excitement at getting fisted by his ultimate fantasy. Devin gives Drew exactly what he needs and alternates hands and fist punches Drew’s wrecked hole, getting wrist deep one fist after the other. Devin works his magic until his biggest fan drops his biggest load all over his own cock and balls with a fist still shoved up his ass.