Drew Dixon and Alex Killian Part 2

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Drew Dixon, Alex Killian

After blowing his load with a fist up his butt, Drew Dixon tells Alex Killian that it’s his turn to get stretched. Alex drops to his knees and sucks on Drew’s big hairy cock before offering up his ass for Drew to open with his tongue. Drew works Alex’s hole until he can feel that Alex is ready for his hand. Alex is almost drooling thinking of getting Drew inside of him and when Drew finally sticks his fist inside, Alex opens up to take him all the way in. Drew plows his new friend deep with a clenched fist as he twists and turns with each thrust. Drew wants to see Alex’s face as he shoves his hand inside so Alex lies back as the two lock eyes. Drew continues the session by plugging Alex. Going for maximum depth, Alex squats down on Drew’s closed fist and rides it getting even further. Drew keeps riding until his long dick spits jizz all over Drew’s fist. Alex hops off and bends over one last time. Drew shoves the money back in Alex’s asshole and says, “Who’s the fucking whore now?”