Draining The Bound Boys Big Dick

Studio: Young Bastards
Actors: RobemXXX, Bound Boy

The young man has been prepped, roped up to a bar and left hanging, but now his tormentor is here the boy’s big dick is already swelling. With his smooth body revealed and his engorged meat exposed edging master RobemXXX starts to play, stroking and tugging, massaging and rubbing, delivering jolts of pleasure to spread through the boy’s body. The stool to lean on makes it easier for the twink, but soon his legs and fuckmeat are roped up too, his balls tightly bound and bulging, the constant ache mixing with the pleasure of rubbing hands on his big veiny dick. The twink knows when he feels the masterful gloved hand wrapped around his slick meat that he’s going to be milked to completion. As the pleasure grows he can’t control himself, his cum pumping from his engorged length and splashing all over with final relief.