Doctor’s Orders: Twisted Tony Genius’ Cruel Treatment Of Andy Adler

Actors: Tony Genius, Andy Adler

Tony Genius is a twisted doctor who utilizes a sadistic treatment on his patients. He wheels the bound and screaming Andy Adler down a dark hallway to the examination room. Andy begs and pleads to be let go, but Tony has other plans. He begins to administer his unique form of treatment with a riding crop, hitting Andy up and down his body. Next, Andy is tied on his back with his wrists and ankles strapped in restraints. Tony rips open Andy’s jockstrap to reveal his hard cock. The Doctor edges Andy over and over but denies him from the sweet release of an orgasm every time he gets close. Tony utilizes clothespins on Andy’s body and balls to tighten his skin and then shocks him with the zapper. Andy shrieks in pain while the Doctor maniacally laughs during the torment. The Doctor licks Andy’s feet and tickles his body before the last segment of the procedure. Finally, Andy is moved to a chair where he is on his knees with his wrists securely fastened and Tony fucks his patient.