Doc Benway and Boyhous

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Doc Benway, Boyhous

Doc Benway and Boyhous are two of a kind with their toned, tattooed bodies and nasty pig attitude. After sucking face, Doc sucks Boyhous’ cock, gripping his balls tightly to hold him in place. Then he rims his buddy’s hairy asshole, wetting it with slobber before he begins punishing it with both fists. With every direct jab, Boyhous moans a low guttural grunt as he sinks into a sexual stupor. Doc penetrates his fist so deep, that Boyhous pisses all over his welcomed tormentor. They switch things up and Doc is now on his knees. His asshole is tattooed with a big fiery heart and Boyhous pierces it with repeated jabs using his left fist and then his right. Doc jerks on his cock whilehe’s still getting punch fucked and finally roars his climax when he shoots his wad. Satisfied and spent, Doc drapes himself all over Boyhous and watches him pull his pud furiously, yanking and stroking it hard until he finally busts his nut.