Dirk Wakefield – Bench Torture – Chapter 6


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Dirk Wakefield

Young prep Dirk Wakefield is naturally lean, with a shapely torso tapering down to a narrow waist, abs visible as he quivers and breathes, cum-gutters forming a triangle down to his shaved pubes, legs well defined and strong. The first lash of the single-tail cuts right across the top of his pecs, leaving a long, red welt. The young man in the hoody torturing him works Dirk’s cock to get it nice and plump as he delivers a dozen more slicing blows, leaving Dirk’s chest, stomach and lower abs beautifully decorated with marks of pain. “Please…” the poor boy begs, gasping in agony, his legs and ass shaking uncontrollably. The man responds by roping Dirk’s cock and balls to a heavy barbell, stretching them painfully.