Dirk Wakefield – Bench Torture – Chapter 5


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Dirk Wakefield

Dirk is fucked. He’s on his knees, facedown, roped to a bench. But that’s not all: His ball-sack is stretched, roped to a barbell, and a massive dildo remains rammed up his ass and roped in place. His back is covered with dozens of welts from being caned. His ass is one solid bruise from an even worse caning, but his suffering is far from over. The young man torturing him, who acts like a robot programmed to inflict pain, canes him again on top of his existing wounds. Dirk is a pain slave: fucked, helpless and beaten at will. The man release Dirk’s left wrist and whispers “Show me some cum and I won’t hurt you so bad.” The beautiful boy, helpless and utterly exhausted, works his cock until he pumps out a huge load of cum and collapses. Then he’s roped upright to the cage bars, so his chest, stomach and cock and can be tortured.