Dirk Wakefield – Bench Torture – Chapter 3


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Dirk Wakefield

Still bound naked on his back, young Dirk Wakefield looks on in horror as the mystery-man torturing him ties a rope around the base of his cock and balls. The man pulls the rope tight and ties is off, painfully stretching Dirk’s scrotum. The rich college boy looks great, back arched, muscles fluttering under smooth skin, his cock and balls turning purple. Suddenly, a cat-o’-nine-tail whip crashes down on his chest and abs, leaving deep, red welts. Dirk screams through his ball-gag, gurgling with pain as his beautiful body heaves and quivers under the lash. The boy is flipped over and roped to the same bench facedown, his ass in the air, his scrotum stretched by a barbell. His back is caned with a bamboo switch, leaving painful, deep welts.