Dirk Wakefield – Bench Torture – Chapter 1


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Dirk Wakefield

Dirk Wakefield is one of those gorgeous boys you see on elite college campuses, wearing tailored shirts and loafers without socks, fit and trim from hours on the Lacrosse field. These preps think they own the world – and usually their daddies do. For Dirk Wakefield, that all ends today. The last thing he remembers before waking-up half-naked in our dungeon is a hand over his face in the locker room of his dorm’s gym. Now he is roped, on his back, arms spread, to a wooden bench and chair wearing nothing but a jock and a thin T-shirt. He is alone until a young, muscular man, his face hidden under a hood, enters and feels up his body – then rips off his shirt and jock and covers his nipples, cock and balls with clothespins! What the fuck!