Devin Jackson – Justice Served! – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Devin Jackson, Ty Roderick

Devin Jackson is chained to a bench, ready to be fucked. Ty Roderick shoves a massive dildo down his throat, face-fucking him long and hard. Then he pounds the innocent kid’s asshole with another dildo for a good half-hour before using both hands to dildo-fuck his ass and mouth at the same time. Finally, Ty whips out his own throbbing cock and shoves it down the boy’s throat. Devin sucks like a whore until Ty is rock hard. The tattooed guard fucks the whimpering boy’s tight hole then pulls out and cums all over his firm, round ass. “I’ll send you home to your rich daddy in the morning,” he says, slapping the boy hard and leaving him bound to the bench for the night.