Devin Jackson – Justice Served! – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Devin Jackson, Ty Roderick

When Devin Jackson is not being fucked or tortured, he is left bound in long-term stress positions. Today he is literally hanging from his face, head back, a leather gag wrapped over his mouth and chained to the ceiling, his legs spread and wrists cuffed behind his back. The naked boy moans through the gag, up on his toes, back arched, his whole body aching. After several hours Ty Roderick returns and flogs Devin’s torso, lashes him with a short, single-tail whip then runs a razor-sharp pinwheel up and down his hairless body, spraying his fresh wounds periodically with rubbing alcohol that burns like hell. Then Devin is turned-around, finger-fucked and whipped on his shoulders.