Devin Jackson – Justice Served! – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Devin Jackson, Ty Roderick

Young straight-boy Devin Jackson knew he would be punished by this burly guard and wasn’t terribly upset when the man sucked his cock; it was even kind of enjoyable. But the minute he is spun around and bolted face-first against the wall Devin starts to worry: “Is he gonna fuck me?” The boy yelps and squirms as Ty Roderick whips his back and ass. Then the real pain begins: A huge, rubber dildo is shoved up Devin’s ass. He cries out in pain at the sudden violation and the long, hard fucking. Then Ty replaces the dildo with a butt-plug – and leaves the thing in while he whips the boy’s plump ass.