Devin Jackson – Justice Served! – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Devin Jackson, Ty Roderick

Devin Jackson, 21, the son of a prominent politician, has been arrested for drunk driving. His powerful father wants him punished discreetly, so he arranges for the boy to be sent to a special, private firm where he will be physically punished – whipped, spanked and flogged – just enough to set him on the right path, while avoiding the embarrassment of a trial. What neither father nor son know is the boy will also be fucked raw, jerked off and used as a sex slave by a muscular, tattooed guard, Ty Roderick. Devin is bound to a wall. Ty rips open his orange jump suit, then beats and fondles him – the beginning of a week of pain and sexual humiliation.