Derrick Hanson And Mason Garet

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Derrick Hanson, Mason Garet

Mason Garet and Derrick Hanson are on a camping trip out in thecountry. Mason has an itch deep up in his ass–the kind that reallyneeds some serious scratching. Hunting around for something to fiston, they come across a boat on a trailer. What this means for you theviewer, is that they are up off the ground several feet, which makes forexcellent angles for our cameras to see every last detail of one of thebest fisting scenes of the past several years. There is deeppenetration and hardcore punch fisting as these two sexperts showwhat fine sex is all about. Both Mason and Derrick are exhibitionists inreal life and they get off showing you their fisting talents. Scenes arealways better when you have real exhibitionists as actors–they arenot just here for the money; they are filming for you because they getoff on the fact that you are getting off watching them. It’s a realconnection between viewer and actor and it leads to some of the bestsex we film. As Derrick says, ‘It’s like I am having sex with everyonewho is watching!’ The best thing about this scene is Mason’s orgasm.It goes on so long and so intensely, the sperm driven from his heavyballs by a masterful punch fucking that must be seen to be believed!You must see this cum shot!