David Webb and Tomas De Rico – Sanity’s Threshold – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: David Webb, Tomas De Rico

German hunk David Webb is kept chained in a dark room, his uncut cock rock-hard even though he can’t touch himself, his wrists bound above his head. “Cum for me and I’ll let you go,” Tomas De Rico says, unchaining his boy’s right wrist. David pumps out a massive load in minutes but, instead of being freed, he is chained on his knees — with a fuck-machine ready to fuck his ass! Tomas, in a white coat, smacks his boy’s ass, shoves the tip of the dildo in and flips the switch, fucking the boy slow and hard. He turns the machine to full speed and fucks the boy’s mouth with another dildo at the same time then leaves him on his knees to be fucked nonstop all night.