David Webb and Tomas De Rico – Sanity’s Threshold – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: David Webb, Tomas De Rico

Sexy blond David Webb is stretched on his back on a steel hospital gurney, chained at his wrists and ankles, naked but for a blindfold. Several votive candles burn ominously nearby, but the young prisoner can’t see them so he has no idea he will soon be burned. His guard, Tomas De Rico, beats him with a riding crop then strokes his cock, but David is too terrified to get hard. He knows he will be punished but is shocked when the first splash of searing hot wax hits his inner thigh. He gasps in agony as stream after stream of the liquid fire crisscross his smooth body. Then he is flogged. Young German boys were made to suffer.