David Webb and Tomas De Rico – Sanity’s Threshold – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: David Webb, Tomas De Rico

As he struggles against the cuffs holding him face-down on a gurney, David Webb’s perfect bubble-butt bursts out of his tiny Calvins, driving Tomas De Rico mad with desire. Tomas, wearing a doctor’s coat, beats his nearly naked “patient” with a flogger and a horse crop. David squirms even more seductively as his back and ass and the soles of his feet are whipped. Tomas slaps and squeezes the blond boy’s firm ass then cuts off the Calvins and spanks it with a leather paddle. “You like that, pretty boy?” Tomas asks. “Yes, sir,” David replies, only to be whipped more with the horse crop.