Darron Bluu and Hatler Gurius – The Taken Technician – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darron Bluu, Hatler Gurius

Young Darron Bluu is a total nerd, gay but sexually repressed, good-looking but innocent, athletic but awkward. He works as a service tech, visiting strangers’ homes to fix their computers. Today, on a routine call, his customer, a tattooed young man, leads him into a dark room, its black walls covered with whips, chains and dildos. “Um, is this where you keep your computer?” Darron asks nervously. Minutes later he’s hanging from his wrists. The man, Hatler Gurius, rips off Darron’s shirt, rips open his pants and whips his smooth, well-built body. It hurts – a lot – but Darron is secretly turned on.