Darron Bluu and Hatler Gurius – The Taken Technician – Chapter 7

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darron Bluu, Hatler Gurius

Darron Bluu, chained on his knees, is about to be fucked for the first time – by a machine! His captor, Hatler Gurius, shoved a butt-plug up his ass earlier, but that was just a warm-up, not a true fucking. “You see how horny you make me?” Hatler says, flipping on the machine then rubbing his erect cock under his jeans while beating his young slave with a riding crop as the machine fucks his virginal hole. Hatler whips out his huge, throbbing cock and fucks the boy’s throat as the piston continues to churn then leaves the boy to suffer alone. The sexy nerd moans and cries in rhythm with the machine as it fucks him nonstop for hours.