Darron Bluu and Hatler Gurius – The Taken Technician – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darron Bluu, Hatler Gurius

Darron Bluu is bound, naked and blindfolded, to a long, wooden rack facedown. He has been alone for hours, exhausted but too terrified to sleep, when Hatler Gurius, the man who hired him to fix his computer, returns and turns the rack’s crank, stretching him tight. “You are way too pretty to be a tech,” Hatler says as his slaps the boy’s exposed flesh then flogs him long and hard. “Please, sir, I can’t take any more,” the blond boy begs, but Hatler just switches to a horse crop, beating Darron’s slim body everywhere, even the soles of his feet, then cranks the rack even tighter. The helpless boy’s squeals and cries of agony are pure joy for the bearded, tattooed sadist.