Darron Bluu and Hatler Gurius – The Taken Technician – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darron Bluu, Hatler Gurius

Handsome, innocent Darron Bluu remains in the dungeon, naked and blindfolded, his wrists strapped to his thighs, resigned to his fate as slave, to be abused at will. His master, Hatler Gurius, pushes him down on his face, whips his ass with a riding crop then, without warning, shoves a huge butt-plug up his boy-hole. Hatler yanks off the blindfold then shoves his very large, very erect cock down Darron’s throat. The young slave sucks cock like a cheap whore, looking up at Halter with total submission, his own cock hardening as the man fucks his throat and whips his back then pulls out and spews cum all over his face and inside his mouth.