Darron Bluu and Hatler Gurius – The Taken Technician – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darron Bluu, Hatler Gurius

Hanging from his wrists in a private dungeon, surrounded by whips and dildos, Darron Bluu is terrified, struggling to get free, but also totally turned on. Hatler Gurius, the bearded, tattooed guy who hired Darron to fix his computer, yanks down the young nerd’s jeans and underwear, revealing a firm ass and ample cock as sexy as his lean torso. “Now we’ll get some color all over your body,” Hatler says with a sneer, whipping every exposed part of the boy’s smooth, creamy skin, from his pecs to his ass. Darron cries out with each lash but absorbs the pain, even when Halter uses two floggers simultaneously.