Darian Rose – Overstayed Visa – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darian Rose, Axel Johnson

After hours on the cross, young Darian Rose is in total agony, struggling to lift himself up, to relieve the incredible strain on his body, but nothing he does helps. His chest feels like it might explode. His armpits are twice as deep as when he started. His moans of agony are pitiful. His breathing is shallow and agonized. Even his cock has shrunk into his body. In his mind, he is a martyr to his sin. In ours, he is a beautiful slave suffering for our pleasure. Axel Johnson finally takes Darian down from the cross – and bolts him to a fuck-machine. He pounds the boy’s fuck-hole nonstop for hours and slaps his ass so hard it turns bright red. Darian has been fucked once or twice before, but never like this.