Darian Rose – Overstayed Visa – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darian Rose, Axel Johnson

Axel Johnson looks down with lust at the naked young man strapped to a cross on the floor, his abs sucked in and flexing. Axel strokes the boy’s muscles appreciatively. Then the cross lifts off the floor. Darian looks around in terror as he feels the power of the cross immediately, pulling at his chest, arms and abdomen. Within minutes his shoulders feel like they will dislocate. His moans deepen, his breathing becomes more difficult. The strain on his muscles is everywhere and unrelenting. An hour later he is covered with sweat and in agony. Darian accepts the pain, as payment for his sins, while Axel strokes his cock, enjoying every moment watching that young, fit body stretched and displayed.