Darian Rose – Overstayed Visa – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darian Rose, Axel Johnson

Darian Rose has been closeted his whole life. He can’t dare to have his truth revealed – nor have the U.S. government find out his visa has expired. He’ll be sent home and god knows what will happen to him at the hands of his religious family and brutal government. He dreams of large, beautiful cock – and now he has one thrust down his throat while he’s bound, naked, on his knees. He sucks Axel Johnson’s dick like his life depends on it, but Axel is disappointed by his slave’s awkward amateurism, so he raises him to his feet, arms overhead, and lashes him with a single-tail whip, up and down his back and ass, as Darian arches and moans in agony. The boy might suck at sucking, but he excels at suffering.