Darian Rose – Overstayed Visa – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Darian Rose, Axel Johnson

Darian Rose, 22, a foreign-exchange student whose visa expired a year ago, chats up a hot man, Axel Johnson, on a dating app, trusting him with his secret. Axel has no idea where the boy is from but immediately uses the information to get what he wants. “I know people who could inform your family and your government that you are gay and then deport you — unless you agree to be my slave and do whatever I say!” Axel threatens. Darian immediately agrees. “I’m going to torture you and fuck your sweet mouth and ass,” Axel tells the young man when he arrives. Darian nods. Minutes later he is bound naked in Axel’s dungeon and gut-punched.