Backstage Fan Fisting Part 2

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: D’Arclyte, Alex Killian

After having his dream of D Arclyte’s fist up his ass come true, Alex Killian is ready to please his idol. D wants Alex to taste what he’s about to get into and gets on all fours with his ass in the air for Alex to wrap his lips around. Alex opens D’s hole with his mouth and tongue until D is ready for Alex to shove his closed fist in deep. Alex is out to please and does everything D requests until he’s forearm deep inside the hunky daddy. Alex works D’s gaping hole in and out, alternating fists as D moans out in delight. D’s hole has seen a lot of action and it’s not hard for Alex to pump in and out past his fist and up his arm. The studs gaze at one another as they continue their session with Alex feeding off D’s extreme pleasure. D is ready to burst, and with Alex’s fist still shoved up his ass D blasts a giant load all over his own cock and balls. The whole experience of pleasing his sex idol makes Alex cum, and the two studs come down from their sexual high panting and satisfied.