Backstage Fan Fisting Part 1

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: D’Arclyte, Alex Killian

Alex Killian sneaks backstage to see his favorite sex performer, D Arclyte, after a performance. D is tired but also willing to entertain his fans ultimate fantasy of getting fisted by his sex idol. D takes his time and enjoys the presence of his fan by warming him up with his nightstick before moving on to make it a bit more intimate with his tongue. Alex loves all the attention from his idol and is ready and opened up for D’s big fist. D grabs his fisting gear and bends the stud over, greasing up Alex’s asshole and snapping on his gloves. D’s first fist glides slowly into Alex’s hole until it swallows it up wrist deep. D keeps up the stretching as he inserts his second fist and alternates them as Alex’s hole opens wide to welcome D’s handball. All the attention and years of fantasy built up in Alex’s mind come to a head when he blows his load. With D’s fist still deep in his crack, Alex announces that he’s about to cum and with a final thrust from his wrist, his cock oozes jizz out of the tip, down the stiff shaft, and onto his hand as D looks on wrist deep inside the spent, stretched stud.