Daddy’s Dungeon Part 4

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Alex Killian, Sherman Maus

After fucking Alex Killian, Sherman Maus is ready to get off. Alex gets down on his knees and takes the hung stud all the way down his throat. Alex isn’t gentle either and knocks Sherman’s cock around as he continues sucking. He brings Sherman to the brink of cumming and then abruptly stops to grab a cane. Alex taps Sherman’s ass repeatedly until Sherman’s cheeks are raw and red. Sherman can barely take another whack when Alex trades the cane for a flog. The hung stud flogs Sherman’s back and ass until Sherman begs for a dick up his ass. Alex grabs Sherman’s harness and fucks his bright red ass from behind, pounding it hard and deep as Sherman grunts and groans. Alex wants to see the look on Sherman’s face as his giant dick rams his hole and flips the horny stud onto his back. Alex keeps up the pace until Sherman blows his sticky load all over his thick pubes. The sight of all that jizz makes Alex bust too and just as he’s finishing up, daddy comes home early to catch them in the act. Daddy’s mad and the guys know they’re in for a punishment to teach them a hard-learned lesson.