Cute Oliver Gets Wet & Messy – Part 1


Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Oliver Wesley

Xavier needs to get the cum from his big cock, but it’s not gonna be as straightforward as having a wank, not when he has a captive twink like Oliver to use. The boy is naked and roped down to the pallets, a blindfold over his eyes and plenty of burning candles to hand. You know how it’s going to go! The pleasure of Xavier’s expert mouth on the boy’s cock gets him hard and dripping, but the pain of the hot wax pouring over him is enough to make his dick soft again. Still, with Xavier’s big meat filling his mouth and dripping precum down his throat he’s clearly having enough fun with the 69 to ignore the discomfort for a while. Of course it’s gonna get worse for him in part 2, so stick around for that!