Cute Alex At His Mercy – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Leo Ocean, Alex Faux

Alex proved he was greedy for that big uncut cock Leo is offering in part one, but things get a little tougher for the greedy little piggy in this session of arse play. With the boy’s butt presented Leo gets in there, licking him out, but with his ankles chained and his pucker up on the bench we know things are about to get hotter. Alex likes a little spanking, but as the cane slaps his bare cheeks he cries out in anguish. Within moments the welts start to appear, but it only seems to make Leo hornier. It’s understandable, who wouldn’t love to make little Alex cry out? With Leo’s cock needing release he slides in, raw and determined, bareback fucking his little captive and only pausing for more painful caning and hole licking! Alex has unleashed a beast in this raw top twink, and Leo is soon unleashing his big splashing cum load as a result. It’s not over for the boy yet.