Custodian Of The Hole Part 2

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Ashley Ryder, Derek Cline

When it’s the custodian’s turn for a little extra attention, Derek Cline bends over Ashley Ryder and wastes no time digging his tongue deep into Ashley’s crack. It doesn’t take long for Ashley to demand, ‘Fist my hole already!’ Derek fulfills Ashley’s request and fills Ashley’s tight ass with his fat fist. Ashley lets out a loud moan as Derek’s fist breaks thru his threshold and deep inside of him. Testing the limits of Ashley’s ass, Derek reaches farther and farther into Ashley’s gaping crack until he’s elbow-deep. Both satisfied with the depths of Ashley’s hole, Ashley bounces back and rides Derek’s arm as deep as he can. Still buried down to his elbow inside Ashley’s ass, Derek twists and turns his arm inside of the custodian’s talented hole. Ashley flips on his back with Derek’s fist inside him and gives over full control of his crack. The fist pigs decide to play a little game of 100 punches in Ashley’s ass. While Derek fists his ass, Ashley counts out 100 continuous punches in and out of his hole before letting up. Testing his limits even further, Ashley gets up and shits down on Derek’s hand, once again taking it elbow deep. Headed towards the finish line, Ashley lays back one last time to receive Derek’s fist until his load spills out from the tip of his cock and onto his thigh.