Deep Sentence & Anal Oracle

Drew Dixon and Costas

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Drew Dixon, Costas

Drew Dixon is back as the ‘Anal Oracle’, and Costas has returned to get more advice on the ways of fisting. Drew’s suggestion is for Costas to make a fist and to bring his energy down to his cock. Eager to master the realm of fisting, Costas heeds the advice and gets hard for Drew, who sucks up the energy by tasting Costas’ dick. Drew advises that the energy is much more intense on the inside and bends over for Costas to eat the energy from his hole. Costas shoves his tongue deep into Drew and opens him up for an even more intense vitality drawing exercise. “Get your fist in there,” Drew advises, and Costas does exactly as he’s told. He alternates his fists in and out of Drew’s gaping hole, until Drew takes charge and hops on Costas’ arm to ride it forearm deep. Drew can see that his disciple is learning fast and continues riding Costas’ clenched fist until he erupts in a geyser of cum that slathers his body from chest to cock. “I can see I’ve taught you well,” Drew proclaims. “I don’t need to see you again.” Costas has learned the art of fisting and is ready to go into the world to spread his knowledge and his seed to any man who needs to learn his ways.