Come Back To Bed

Actors: Dominic Pacifico, Johnny Moon

Domenic and Johnny have what seems to be a happy but typical relationship but something is clearly brewing underneath. Johnny openly tells Domenic that he needs more fulfillment in his sex life but Domenic is tired and tries to make him feel better. Johnny wakes up later that night to use the bathroom but theres something wrong… His bedroom is gone and he is in a dungeon. Domenic his once sweet and consoling partner is now his sadistic tormentor. Domenic bounds Johnny with rope and proceeds to give him various forms of corporal punishment while taunting him and making him ask for more. Johnny is then brutally face fucked while getting more corporal punishment. Domenic then turns his attention to Johnnys tight little asshole, giving him the railing he’s so desperately been needing. Johnny opens wide and swallows all of Domenic’s hot cum that he could catch in his hungry mouth. Domenic is still not done with his filthy little whore, he continues fucking johnnys throat while johnny strokes himself till he cums all over. Johnny suddenly wakes up, still in bed next to Domenic, was it all a dream, a nightmare?