Cole Miller – Vengeance – Chapter 4


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Miller, Noah Evans

Beautiful slave Cole Miller is chained to a wood cube, knees bent, ankles spread, wrists cuffed to its corners. His hairless body looks amazing stretched on the box, stomach sucked in, muscles flexing. A steel vice crushes his scrotum just above his balls, which have already turned deep red. He is in total darkness, naked but for a padded, leather mask. “Sleep well, bitch boy?” Noah Evans asks, slapping Cole’s face then fondling his body and cock. Despite the crushing pain, Cole’s cock hardens. Then the real torture begins. Noah lifts Cole by his balls, yanking a rope attached to the vice. Cole screams and gasps. He must arch his back and hold the position or lose his balls! Then Noah beats Cole’s nipples and navel with a riding crop, leaving the boy’s alabaster skin bright red.