Cole Miller – Vengeance – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Miller, Noah Evans

Young Cole Miller submits to his fellow slave, Noah Evans. He is bolted to the wall again, this time facing it, naked and completely vulnerable. His lean, muscular back and shapely legs and ass are creamy white, unblemished and unbruised. He’s been standing, his whole body aching, for hours, when Noah returns – with a whip. “Your suffering has just begun,” Noah whispers. Cole shakes his head in disbelief, closing his eyes tightly. Noah whips him methodically, enjoying every blow to Cole’s shoulders, back, ass and upper legs. He then takes Cole’s suffering to the next level, misting his fresh wounds with pure rubbing alcohol, then flogging him again. He leaves the boy bolted to the wall overnight, his skin throbbing from the whip, his muscles aching from the stress of being bound in such an unnatural position.