Cole Miller – Vengeance – Chapter 2


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Miller, Noah Evans

Twink top Noah Evans jerks off beautiful, young Cole, smearing the boy’s cum all over his torso. Cole’s body is already aching. He’s bolted upright against a wall, arms back, forcing his chest out and straining his back, legs spread, adding even more strain. Even after he cums, his fat cock remains hard. But Noah is far from being satisfied. He’s pissed and someone has to pay and that someone is Cole. Noah loves using this innocent boy, hurting him, doing whatever he wants to him. He whips Cole’s boyish body, from his nipples to his thighs, marring his flawless skin with nasty wounds. Cole squirms seductively and gasps in pain, moaning like an abused boy. But Noah just whips him harder. He even whips Cole’s beautiful cock with his big, black flogger. Cole knows his suffering has just begun.