Cole Miller: Here To Suffer – Chapter 7


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Miller

Cole is so young he has barely had sex, let alone been fucked in the ass by a big cock like the one ramming his boy-hole now. The young guard slaps his belly against Cole’s firm, round ass as he fucks the innocent boy like a jack-hammer. The guard stops for a moment, to retrieve a whip, then rams Cole’s tight ass again, whipping his back at the same time. Despite the pain and humiliation of being fucked and whipped like a disposable whore, Cole’s fat, beautiful cock hardens. He knows this young man is the warm-up act, that he will endure hours of endless fucking by the rich, powerful men watching him. He exists for their pleasure. After what seems like an hour of non-stop fucking, the young guard pulls out and, still erect, flogs Cole’s naked back and ass as he arches his body and writhes in pain, his boyish moans music to our ears.