Cole Miller: Here To Suffer – Chapter 6


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Miller

After sucking his prisoner’s huge, throbbing cock until it explodes, half in his mouth and half all over the dungeon, the young guard steps backs and jerks himself off as Cole looks on, humiliated, knowing all this hard cock and spewing cum will mean more torture for him. He knows the older pervs watching feeds from the three cameras surrounding him will be even more aroused seeing his lean, helpless body sexually abused. Sure enough, Cole is unchained and cleaned-up only to be returned to the dungeon and handcuffed to a padded “fuck-horse,” his beautiful ass stretched open and positioned so his quivering asshole is at waist level – ready to be fucked. The young guard eats Cole’s tight asshole, lubing it up good with his tongue, then starts fucking him hard, as Cole moans, his eyes rolling back in his head.